Why should I unplug?

Listen to Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer of Google [X].


How does 48HoursUnplug work?

Even the best CEO and startup founders need time for themselves. Time to unplug, connect with other leaders, and reflect on their goals and ambitions. That's why we created 48HoursUnplug.

In two-day gatherings we whisk you away to a peaceful, natural settings away from the busy frenetic pace of everyday life. Together with a group of other leaders and with the help of professional coaches, we help you rediscover your passion and motivation.

What will I do during these 48 hours?

In a group with six to eight other business and corporate leaders you will:

  • Follow leadership sessions on what drives your leadership style with a self awareness coach

  • Get mindful and energized with the help of a physical coach

  • Get motivated by a guest speaker


Our team of professional coaches have experience in everything from leadership development to team-building, psychology and breathing techniques. We’ve worked with multinational companies like Johnson & Johnson to successful startups in industries like 3D Printing and Data Science and Corporate Venturing.

Upcoming retreats

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