Putting my iPhone and other materials away has enabled me to really unplug. In order to connect with others and myself. To reflect on moments I regret, successes I am proud of, people who inspire me …. When was I at my best? How does my energy/life-line look like. Now I feel like embedding this experience in my daily life. As an all-time wisdom; to regularly step back, reflect on my leadership and how my legacy can help me to be more effective and inspiring every day.
— Hein van der Loo (Managing Director ABN AMRO)

Thanks to 48HoursUnplug, I was able to get out of the daily ratrace, connect with great people, recharge batteries and focus on the essence of life: happiness
— Peter Clemens (Managing Director Société Générale CIB)

48HoursUnplug is the perfect event to reflect about your past, reflect and make concrete plans about your future endeavours.
— Sam Strijckmans (CEO Nitto EMEA)

48HoursUnplug helpt je om de pauze knop even in te drukken. Het is een intensieve manier om even stil te staan, om ruimte de leren creëren en om aan zelfreflectie te doen. Een absolute aanrader voor elke bedrijfsleider.
— Grégory Delens (Managing Director The House of Marketing)

48HoursUnplug was incredibly valuable to me. It’s like pushing the pauze button to take a fresh start with new insights. Highly recommended in this busy world we live in!
— Martijn Joris (CEO Twikit)

Zeer verfrissend leiderschapstraject, vanwege de combinatie van accent op individuele groei en zingeving en op pure leiderschapstechnieken. Het unplug-aspect maakt bovendien dat de focus en het “leer”-effect erg groot waren.
— Jeroen Wils (Managing Director Mediafin)

Although the value of taking a moment to reflect on the past and future seems self-evident and we all know that being in the now is beneficial to leadership, this hands-on two-day program was immensely enriching and a profound experience I will continue to appreciate for a long time. A dose of pure personal growth.
— Paul Grimbers (COO The Glue)

Het werden twee onvergetelijke dagen en nachten, twee etmalen die tot de mooiste van mijn nochtans al rijk gevulde leven behoren. Het was in alle opzichten een verrijkende ervaring die me leerde dat stilstaan eigenlijk ook vooruitgaan is, en niet alleen achteruitgaan, zoals het gevleugelde spreekwoord zegt.
— Joeri Perneel (Managing Director CPM Belgium)

Super interesting and intense experience. Beautiful to see how participants blossom during these 48 hours.
— Steven Proost (CEO Logi-Signs)

48HoursUnplug was a great experience with fantastic people. Participate if you need some headspace to set things straight, when you’re not clear about what drives you in life, when you want to have more insight in yourself and how you positively impact others, or when you want a new perspective on the struggles you’re going through. The experience almost guarantees you walk away with numerous insights. High quality setup and coaches. Definitely recommended.
— Alexander Vuylsteke ( CEO Yools)

I was searching for more meaning for myself as an entrepreneur. 48HoursUnplug gave me a lot of new insights about myself. I am very satisfied about the program and I am recommending it to people I know.
— Gijs Hoppenbrouwers (Co-Founder Twikit)

A unique formula to reflect with like-minded people about what really matters. 48 hours without a smartphone but with a lot of inspiration, team spirit, ressourcement and insightful moments. Never expected to experience a retreat in such a positive way!
— Johan Merlevede (Managing Director Leuven MindGate)

The 48HoursUnplug program is an utterly interesting experience in which time is literally freed up to step back and reflect on what seems straightforward but is very difficult to grasp in today’s digital rush. The group dynamics, very proficient coaching and surprising program contribute to a great extent to this two-day journey into the unknown.
— Kasper Deforche (CEO Wereldhave)

It’s the first time in my existence that I had so much inspiration and insights. Both personally and professionally. Being disconnected for 48 hours and only focus on what matters really helped me so see where I want to go and how I have to move forward.
— Sam De Decker (Managing Partner Blue-Frontend)