Strategy meetings done right

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Slow down to prepare for a fast world

Today, companies operate in an extremely fast and volatile environment, which often makes it difficult for its leadership to distinguish essentials from clutter. As a company it is important to renew yourself every now and then in order to stay ahead and focused. At 48HoursUnplug we believe that a successful strategy meeting meets the following requirements:

-Disconnect to connect

Connected devices are a blessing to do business and stay connected, but a curse when it comes to performing creative, problem solving and visionary tasks like… strategy meetings! So step out of your comfort zone, put those devices away and focus on the task at hand. Disconnect to connect with your team to prepare for the future!

-Team first, strategy second

Often strategy meetings are slowed down by interpersonal dynamics and egos. Therefore we believe that a strategy meeting should always start with team reinforcement before jumping to the strategy chapter. Once that’s done, the strategy should become a walk in the park.

-Sit back and relax

It’s difficult to enjoy a party you are organising yourself. Same goes for strategy meetings. Nothing better than a team of experts that guide you through the process of team bonding and strategy development.

72HoursUnplug strategy retreat: a unique double focus

36 hours Team

Who am I? Who am I in the team?

How are we different? What’s the glue that holds us together? What drives us?

How do we communicate?

How do we care for each other to make collaboration sustainable?

36 hours Company

Where do we stand for? What is our why?

What are our biggest opportunities and threats?

How do we add value for our customers?

What will be our focus for the coming years?

Our approach

Our retreats focus on the four levels of human wellbeing

Physical: you learn to take care of the engine of your performance: eating healthy, sleeping well and regular physical exercise.

Mental: you learn to keep incessant thoughts under control, dealing with stress and managing time

Emotional: you learn how to deal with you own and other’s emotions

Spiritual: you learn about yourself, your mission and how that fits in the team and the company

Our team

Our expert team has experience in everything from leadership development to team-building and psychology. On the strategy side we’ve got serial entrepreneurs and an ex-McKinsey consultant with spikes in strategy development, innovation, digital transformation and employer branding. We’ve worked with multinational companies like ABN AMRO, Unilever and Tommy Hilfiger to successful startups in industries like 3D Printing and Data Science and Corporate Venturing.

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