Carlien Cavens - founder

As a former consultant for McKinsey, Carlien knows how important it is to unplug from time to time. In her career she’s met many successful people that felt like something was missing in their lives. That missing part has to do with authenticity, or rather, a lack of authenticity. Reconnecting to that authentic voice inside of you requires time, peace of mind, and very often people to guide you in the process. By creating 48HoursUnplug she set about to help others do just that

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Stefan Van Meirhaeghe - self awareness coach

Stefan is someone who has pretty much done everything. After growing up in Nigeria, he graduated as a doctor at the University of Namur and KU Leuven before completing a General Management degree at Vlerick Business School. He started his career in a multinational biotech company, went on to start several start-ups, and currently provides mental coaching for several professional cyclists. He is accredited in psychology and meditation and has facilitated multiple self awareness workshops for corporate clients (e.g. McKinsey & Co).


Elke Weemaes - enneagram coach

Elke is a coach pur sang. She literally “falls in love” with every person she is working with, which could be translated as a “deep passion for people and what drives them”. She is the engineer that will analyse a person’s system till the core. She is the in-house coach of the Cronos Group and has more than 2000 hours of coaching on her counter. She is certified at the International Coaching Federation as well as the Enneagram School. Enneawhat? Elke will tell you all about it ;)


Elisabeth Verwaest - Socratic and meditation coach

“To really know oneself,  you have to start by asking the right questions.” The Socratic approach is designed to quickly get to the core of the self. Through directive questions, you find the answers within yourself.  Besides asking annoying questions :-), Elisabeth also gives basic yoga exercises to reconnect the mind and body and to simply learn how to relax. If the weather allows it, she prefers to coach in nature or combine it with music meditation. The goal is to arrive at a sharp mind and a soft heart.


Dirk Van Spitaels - breath & connect coach

Dirk is a runner. An ultra runner who regularly takes on distances of 250km. And he loves to share the things that running has taught him with others. Like the value of meditation and the importance of breathing. In his mindful running sessions he shares these insights with participants and gives them a taste of what they could achieve if become more mindful about running and life in general.

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Ann Simons - physical & results coach

As a former Olympic medal winner in judo, Ann knows like nobody else how to set ambitious goals and reach them. As a top athlete, she has learned how important it is to take care of your body and mind, in order to constantly perform at your best. Nowadays she applies these learnings when helping entrepreneurs clarifying their why, how and what. Ann is a trusted advisor for the Cronos Group where she runs development trajectories and individual coaching sessions for (young) entrepreneurs.