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When your team needs to unplug...

Whether you are a management team, a sales team, a sports team, all teams face similar challenges. Team identity, conflict resolution, motivation, participation, decision making, you name it... Hence, it could benefit a team tremendously to unplug together. To reflect about the self, the team, the successes and the mistakes, but above all about how to improve the overall team dynamics.

Because a happy team will be a successful team!


  • Values

  • Effective communication

  • Trust

  • Team purpose

  • Presence and listening

  • Self awareness

  • ...


  • 6 to 24 team members

  • 2 to 4 professional coach(es) (depending on the team size)

  • Various connection and reflection sessions

  • 1 unforgettable outdoor activity

  • 2 nights in a luxurious estate (shared or private room, depending on team size)

  • 2x breakfast, 2x lunch, 2x dinner

  • 2 hours team follow-up after the retreat


EUR 1500 - EUR 3500 per person*

(*) depending on accommodation, team size and selected options

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