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48Hours for CEOs (Beausaint)


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Your bigger purpose in life

Leaders with a clear understanding of what drives and motivates them will have a better view on the legacy they want to leave behind. This insight leads to less distraction, more effectiveness and more authentic leadership.

Happiness as an enabler for success

People often think that happiness is a consequence of success. Happiness research however shows that the opposite is closer to the truth. What factors lead to a happier hence more successful person?

Impact through presence & awareness 

Today's high paced environment makes high quality interactions more and more rare.  By increasing (self) awareness and presence a leader will make each contact a more impactful experience.



Elke Weemaes - Personal Coach

Elke Weemaes - Personal Coach

Carlien Cavens - mental coach

Carlien Cavens - mental coach

Dirk Van Spitaels - breathe and connect coach

Dirk Van Spitaels - breathe and connect coach


Guest speaker

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Chris Peeters is the CEO of Elia, the Belgian high-voltage transmission system operator. He has been nominated for the Trends Manager of the Year 2018 award after the incredible turnaround he did with the company. Before joining Elia he ran the Business Consulting activities of Schlumberger in Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East. Prior to that, he was 14 years with McKinsey & Company (of which seven years as Partner), specializing in the energy sector. The first ten years of his career, he created an engineering firm and subsequently started a manufacturer of building materials, before joining Hoogovens Aluminium as Sales & Technical Manager for part of Europe.



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You can expect:

  • 6-8 participants

  • 3 professional coaches

  • 1 inspiration session with guest speaker

  • multiple reflection sessions

  • 1 individual coaching session

  • 1 unforgettable outdoor activity

  • 2 nights in a luxurious estate in Beausaint (private room)

  • 2x breathtaking breakfast, 2x lush lunch, 2x divine dinner

  • 2 hours individual follow-up session after the retreat

You invest:

EUR 2900 (excl. VAT) w/o KMO Portefeuille*

EUR 1960 (excl. VAT) with KMO Portefeuille*

(*) If your company is a Flanders based SME, you can apply for a KMO Portefeuille subsidy, which reduces the total cost by +- 30%. You can find more information here.


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