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72Hours for CEOs (Beausaint)


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Your bigger purpose in life

Leaders with a clear understanding of what drives and motivates them will have a better view on the legacy they want to leave behind. This insight leads to less distraction, more effectiveness and more authentic leadership.

Mindset for success

Resilience becomes more than ever the quality that distinguishes great from good leaders. How do you develop a mindset that overcomes obstacles, deals with fears and focusses on the bigger purpose.

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Impact through presence & awareness 

Today's high paced environment makes high quality interactions more and more rare.  By increasing (self) awareness and presence a leader will make each contact a more impactful experience.

Balance as a life hack

Mental but also physical discomfort are often rooted in the fact that things "are not in balance". Once this balance is restored one feels much more calm, focused and able to move mountains.


Stefan Van Meirhaeghe - spiritual coach

Stefan Van Meirhaeghe - spiritual coach

Carlien Cavens - mental coach

Carlien Cavens - mental coach

Lieven Van Linden - endurance coach

Lieven Van Linden - endurance coach

Guest speaker

Sebastien Bellin is a Brazilian-Belgian former professional basketball player who played in the top European leagues for over 15 years. On 22 March 2016, he got severely injured in the Brussels Airport terrorist attacks, where he almost lost both legs and near to 50% of his total volume of blood. His positive attitude towards life made him recover remarkably fast. Today Sebastien is training to run the iconic Ironman of Hawaii, despite of his still reduced mobility. He pivoted from being a professional basketbal player to being an inspirator to many. He launched TeamBellin, an innovative community and platform whose mission is to create a working roadmap/blueprint for people to overcome their handicap(s).

I realize that the rest of my life will be one of overcoming challenges, of overcoming my handicap. So I might as well tackle "challenges" head on and make the best of them. If it doesn't challenge you , it will never truly change you.

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You can expect:

  • 6-8 participants

  • 3 professional coaches

  • 1 inspiration session with guest speaker

  • multiple reflection sessions

  • 1 individual coaching session

  • 1 unforgettable outdoor activity that wil test your comfort zone ;)

  • 3 nights in a luxurious estate in Beausaint (private room)

  • 3x breakfast, 3x lunch, 3x dinner

  • 2 hours individual follow-up session after the retreat

You invest:

EUR 3500 (excl. VAT) w/o KMO Portefeuille*

EUR 2380 (excl. VAT) with KMO Portefeuille*

(*) If your company is a Flanders based SME, you can apply for a KMO Portefeuille subsidy, which reduces the total cost by +- 30%. You can find more information here.


Are you ready?


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