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EXCLUSIVE: 4-day Positive Leadership retreat with Mo Gawdat (Cabarete)


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Positive innovation

Understand why and how personal happiness is as  critical to creativity and innovation as technological breakthroughs. And get insights into Google’s “moonshot” thinking & innovation processes.

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Happiness illusions

Get insights into the happiness mechanisms and deep dive into the illusions of control, self and time which are most common for today’s  leaders and in today’s professional environment.

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Presence & awareness 

Today's high paced environment makes high quality interactions more and more rare.  By increasing (self) awareness and presence a leader will make each contact a more impactful experience.

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Your bigger purpose

Leaders with a clear understanding of what drives and motivates them will have a better view on the legacy they want to leave behind. This insight leads to less distraction, more effectiveness and more authentic leadership.



Mo Gawdat served as the Chief Business Officer of Google [x] “The Moonshot Factory”, after running Google’s offices in more than 50 countries. At Google [x} he contributed significantly to the operation model, that is now considered as the golden standard in technology innovation around the world.

But when in 2014 his 21 year old son Ali died during a routine surgery, Mo turned to the “happiness equation” they had worked on together.

He left Google in February 2018 to focus entirely on his new personal moonshot: #onebillionhappy. He is the author of Solve For Happy, an international bestseller translated in 28 languages.

Carlien Cavens is a former McKinsey consultant that founded 48HoursUnplug with a mission to promote inspirational leadership. She is an accredited life coach at ICF and has been coaching many CEOs for the past years on topics like work-life balance, digital device management, stress and communication. She trusts the combination of theory and experience in order for people to get new insights about themselves and about life in general. She believes that happy CEOs are more inspiring and promote happy employees and clients.



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You can expect:

  • A very unique set of workshops on innovation, happiness, presence and purpose

  • Daily morning meditation, yoga, surfing

  • Offsite eco-lodge guided sub river or walking tour

  • Insights in Google’s innovation factory and innovation mindsets

  • Personal setting (10-13 participants)

  • 4 nights in a beautiful boutique hotel next to the beach (private room)

  • 4x breakfast, 4x lunch, 4x dinner (100% organic)

  • Welcome package (incl. “Solve for happy” book, signed by Mo Gawdat)

  • A surprise event

You invest:

EUR 3200 (excl. VAT) w/o KMO Portefeuille*

EUR 2200 (excl. VAT) with KMO Portefeuille*

(*) If your company is a Flanders based SME, you can apply for a KMO Portefeuille subsidy, which reduces the total cost by +- 30%. You can find more information here.



  • Flights: there are direct flights with TUI from Brussels to Puerto Plata on Wednesday and Sunday

  • Airport transfer from Puerto Plata to Cabarete: +- 45 minutes

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