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Mizbiz women's retreat (Daverdisse)


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Digital detox

Going offline is not just about going offline. It’s about creating space in the mind to see things clearly again. And when your start to see things clearly, magic happens!

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Happiness as a priority

People often think that happiness is a consequence of success. Happiness research however shows that the opposite is closer to the truth. What factors lead to a happier hence more successful person?

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Balance in a busy life

Today's high paced environment can be overwhelming at times. How to stay focused when the only certainty is contant change? How to create a safe haven of routines that give you a feeling of stability?

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Your bigger purpose

What drives you and what legacy do you want to leave in this world? What are your unique talents that you can use to make a positive contribution to your environment? What is your path?


Carlien Cavens is a former McKinsey consultant that founded 48HoursUnplug with a mission to promote inspirational leadership. She is an accredited life coach at ICF and has been coaching many CEOs for the past years on topics like work-life balance, digital device management, stress and communication. She trusts the combination of theory and experience in order for people to get new insights about themselves and about life in general. She is also a big believer that more female energy in top management is the way forward to a happier and more balanced society.


Elisabeth Verwaest likes to describe herself as a Socratic coach. “To really know oneself,  you have to start by asking the right questions.” The Socratic approach is designed to quickly get to the core of the self. Through directive questions, you find the answers within yourself.  Besides asking annoying questions :-), Elisabeth also gives basic yoga exercises to reconnect the mind and body and to simply learn how to relax. If the weather allows it, she prefers to coach in nature or combine it with music meditation. The goal is to arrive at a sharp mind and a soft heart.


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You can expect:

  • A very unique set of workshops on happiness, presence, balance and purpose

  • Daily morning yoga or meditation

  • Daily afternoon outdoor activity

  • Wonderful connection opportunity with 20-25 Mizbiz members

  • 2 nights in a wonderful house close to nature (shared rooms)

  • 2x breakfast, 2x lunch, 2x dinner

  • Welcome package

You invest:

650 EUR (incl. VAT)

Note: You need to be(come) a Mizbiz member in order to participate to this retreat. Once a member, you will get a link where you can subscribe.

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